Someone with an IP address sourcing to the House of Representatives just edited the Orange Is the New Black Wikipedia page with the telling summary of “not a woman.”

That’s right, this Congressman edited out a sentence hailing the show for including “the first ever women-in-prison narrative to be played by a real transgender woman.”  What did he replace it with?  Hate speech.

The Congressman called Cox a “man pretending to be a woman,” and linked to an offensive article by National Review Online aptly titled “Laverne Cox Is Not a Woman.”

The change has since been reversed and the IP address has been banned from editing Wikipedia for a month, but you can see the original edit he made in the link above.

The change was spotted by a Twitter bot which tweets out links any time a Congressional IP address edits Wikipedia.

Spread this like wildfire.

(articles on The A.V. Club, Yahoo, and NY Daily News)

Oh my god

Anonymous asked:

regarding alex and Danny, how could you have been so dumb and naive? seriously?

How could I have been so dumb and naive to have a popular youtuber tell me to have sex with his cousin and get frustrated when I wouldn’t?

I’m sorry, I’m failing to see any dumbness or naivety in this situation.

Anonymous asked:

So my nan just saw a pic if you and will whilst I was scrolling through your blog. She looked at him and said "he looks like a proper gentleman that one". So it sounds like you've got some competition. She's 76 lol.

omg this is the best thing. I just told Will and he was like “yeeeeah still got it.” … he’s gonna be walking with a swagger all day



Can we just take a moment to talk about how much respect I have for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for allowing their daughter Shiloh to dress and look like a boy because that’s what she wants? These high profile, constantly being watched by the world people, are letting their daughter express herself exactly how she wants - even though it goes against EVERY hetero-normative social norm. 

People always joke about how many kids they have, but you know what? They know how to be good parents, so I am glad they are raising lots of little people.